Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brought to You by The A**holes on My Drive Home

This is a quick rant on what has frustrated me on my drive home in the afternoons:
1. People smoking with kids in their cars
2. People smoking with kids in their cars, driving, while on their cell phone
3. Mothers pushing their kids in strollers, along a busy street while talking on their cell phones and not paying attention to traffic, swerving all over because they can't push straight while holding the phone to their ear.
4. When waiting at a stop sign to turn left, people driving on the road I wish to turn onto drive too fast for me to pull out in front of, then suddenly slow down when they see me waiting to turn. PICK A DAMN SPEED!!
5. Drivers driving below the speed limit, cutting people off, cutting bikes off...the list goes on.

I spend way too much energy screaming at people when they can't even hear me. They can probably see me though-a crazy looking, frizzy haired woman throwing her hands up and moving her mouth, turning red in anger. It's fun though!

I tried to find an image that would represent me while I'm driving, but this one really spoke to me. Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

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