Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ovulation Elation!

Finally! A positive ovulation test today! Here's what's been happening:

Last month according to the OPK (ovulation predictor test kit) I never ovulated. I peed on those damn sticks for seven days, all while traveling in California and staying at other people's homes. It's like being on your period-you never want anyone to know, you don't want to leave any evidence around. Our first day at Husband's cousin home we hadn't had enough time to find a drugstore so we could buy more OPKs. That night Cousin took us the grocery store to grab items for dinner-I snuck away to find some tests with the intention of going through the line, paying for them, hiding them in my purse and then returning to the guys who were still shopping. Of course, this store didn't carry them. Concerned with maintaining privacy, I tried to come up with a reason to go the drugstore. Defeated, I asked Cousin if he would stop at a drugstore on the way home. "Why, what do you need?" Uhhhhh...."Just some stuff." Luckily he let it drop. He probably assumed I needed tampons, but that was better than having to explain that we are trying to conceive, and may be using your guest bed to get freaky in.

Anyway, because I had not ovulated my doctor had me go in for a blood test to test my progesterone levels which would indicate if an egg was released. I was supposed to go in on day 21, but got my days mixed up and went in on day 20. The results from day 20 showed ovulation had occurred, but when I went back on the correct day, the results showed a much lower number. Both test results caused me to panic-if I had in fact ovulated, Husband and I may not have had sex at the right time since I had no idea it had occurred.

I emailed my doctor:
I just reviewed the progesterone test results and have a few questions. The early test taken on March 29th (day 20 of my cycle) indicates an ovulatory cycle, but the one taken on March 31st (day 22 of my cycle) shows a much lower number. 

All of my home ovulation predictor test kits were negative this month. Is it possible to still ovulate without those showing the Lh surge? Was the result on the early test skewed because it was before day 22? If I did ovulate, what is the approximate window it could have happened? I'm trying to figure out if the last time we had intercourse would have possibly happened during the ovulation window. 

My doctor's response literally said good question, the date of expected ovulation is a guess (A GUESS???!!!!) and she couldn't be certain I had in fact released an egg, nor could she explain why the OPKs may not have detected the Lh surge.

So here we are, with a positive ovulation test and trying for a baby. Next month if I am not pregnant, we will start taking Clomid which will induce my ovaries to both release eggs. We do that for two cycles, then we try it with Clomid and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). But we have to keep our Clomid use to a minimum, or it starts menopause. Lovely.

Summary: Doctor's don't really know anything. My body seems to be on its own schedule. I hate traveling and peeing on OPKs. None of this matters if we conceive.


  1. I'm sure you guys have been baby dancing like crazy!! Fingers crossed for good news!!

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