TTC Timeline

February 2010- Decided to actively TTC, went to ob/gyn for exam, questions and began prenatal vitamins
May 2010-Moved back to west coast from the Mid-Atlantic region
July 2010- Bought "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and started charting my temperature, discharge, etc.
October 2010- Bought OPKs and used intermittently. Already frustrated and mad (nearly all of our friends and younger family were pregnant-naturally- at this point)
February 2011- Fertility clinic at HMO, told to use OPKs, informed about IUIs, we decided to continue to try on our own for awhile, but did blood testing and semen analysis. No issues identified.
June 12, 2011- First IUI, after first round of Clomid, morning of our godson's baptism and party at our house
June  23-26, 2011- Spotting, negative home pregnancy test. Abnormally light period, told to beta test.
June 27, 2011-Beta test, result was 17. Told chemical pregnancy, but should test again in a few days
June 29, 2011- Beta test, 34 was result, told by nurse "I guess you're pregnant, the result is over 25."
July 1, 2011- Beta test, didn't write down number, but confirmed pregnant
July 8, 2011-Beta test, result 2023
July 13, 2011- Several days of pain in lower right abdomen, called doctor, had ultrasound, disgnosed with ectopic, told there was a heartbeat. Admitted to hospital (maternity ward, of course) and given one dose of methotrexate and sent home at 11pm.
Weekly blood tests to see HcG levels drop, but they increased.
July 19, 2011-HcG levels increased, sent to ER for second dose of methotrexate
July 24, 2011- ER visit, HcG levels 2500, lots of pain and bleeding
September 26, 2011-HSG test, blocked right tube. Left side looks good. Each month, OPK then transvaginal u/s (aka follicle scan) to determine which ovary will ovulate. If left side, IUI is scheduled.
October 19, 2011- Second round of Clomid
October 29, 2011- IUI (first since our loss)
November 16, 2011- Third round of Clomid
November 24, 2011 (Thanksgiving)- Ovidril self-injection. This is a catalyst to force eggs out
November 26, 2011-IUI
December 20, 2011- Follicle scan, right side had follicles, no IUI
January 11, 2012- Fourth round of Clomid
January 16, 2012- First acupuncture session to treat infertility (weekly)
January 18, 2012- IUI
February 13, 2012- Follicle scan, right side had follicles, no IUI
March 7, 2012- Fifth round of Clomid
March 14, 2012- Follicle scan, right side had follicles, no IUI
March 19, 2012- Appointment with RE (out of pocket, private clinic). Diagnosed with hydrosalpinx, it must be removed via surgery (tubal ligation), then we can do IVF. This appears to be the only issue, that and my age.
April 9, 2012- Met with HMO surgeon for tubal ligation, prescribed bcp to suppress ovulation, only took three pills, then quit. It just didn't feel right to me.
May 19, 2012- Stopped acupuncture as completely ineffectual
June 6, 2012- Surgery went well, no other problems spotted
Trying again on our own for three months, then will return to the private clinic for treatment. Hopefully, we won't have to.
September 30, 2012-First follicle scan since March 2012, told no follicles were ready, not ovulating
October 5, 2012- Positive OPK, indicating a late period, which happens twice a year or so, which shows how little HMO nurses know. Idiots.
October 25, 2012- First round of Clomid since March 2012
October 31, 2012-Follicle scan, two huge follicles on the right side


  1. You weren't kidding that you and I have almost the same timeline. If you're ever up for meeting another Portland blogger, let me know. I also wonder which clinic you are going to. We went to ORM.

  2. We went to ORM for a consultation. It is pretty sad that we got a diagnosis, prognosis and better information in one thirty minute meeting with the RE at ORM, than we did after a whole year at the HMO.

    I would very much like to get together. It would be nice to meet an IF survivor!