Monday, January 17, 2011

Guys in Skinny Jeans

Okay, really, why are some guys wearing skinny jeans? If you want to dress like a lady, then wear a dress, not leggings. It's not manly, it's not strong, it doesn't make you  look like someone who is trustworthy or able to protect a women. I'm biased though because I like manly-men. A big, strong, solid man (like my sexy husband) is a major turn on. Skinny, wimpy, artistic types who don't wash their hair, who claim to be sensitive and loyal even though they'd sleep with any woman who paid attention to them if they weren't so self-loathing and unable to get an erection. This is the type that is prevalent in Portland.


There are of course men who just like to be fashionable and don't have these problems, but still, why? Why are you wearing these horrendous pants? It doesn't look good. And if you already have skinny legs, why would you highlight them with skinny jeans? It makes it look as though your feet exploded out of the bottom of the pants.

While searching for photos for this post, I found that there are ALOT of people who have commented on their blogs about this fashion trend. Makes me feel better for hating it. It's always nice to know you're not alone.

The Miller Lite ad below is about the skinny jean epidemic, and it's pretty funny. Some guys are just clueless. Fashion is for those who are built like pre-teen boys and those who are rich or bold enough to do what they want without caring what other people think. It's not for the rest of us, and I beg you, please spare us from this disgusting trend.

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