Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nice 'stache

Tom Selleck. That's who came to mind when I saw the photos...of my upper the dentist.

Through my new job my husband and I were able to purchase decent dental insurance so we recently went to the dentist. It's been a long time since I've been and was very surprised by the technology they use now. The x-rays were done with an apparatus that was hooked directly into their computer, and they took actual photographs of my smile, teeth and the inside of my mouth with this tiny wand. I was impressed with the technology and the efficiency of it all. Until they put the photos of my mouth up on the computer screen in front of me. The photo they took of the outside of my mouth and smile included my upper lip, and it was horrifying!  I could not believe how gross it looked!

Admittedly, I do have hair on my upper lip and I do wax regularly. It's not very noticeable, except at certain angles, and that is the angle they took the photo of my smile.  Mortified is a good way to describe the feeling of seeing your own mustache enlarged on a computer screen for an entire office of dental professionals to look at. Gratefully, no one mentioned the forest on my lip and focused on my teeth and gums.

They should warn women about the photos so we can go to the salon and have our "Selleck" removed.


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