Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a Tuesday

Today is one of those rare days where I'm in a good mood. Positive OPK this morning, the boss is out of the office and I'm productive at work. That stupid digital smiley face on the OPK gives me such hope, even after all this time.

Managed to get through Mother's Day. I just stayed inside drinking wine, reading and watched the final two episodes of The Voice-I'm so sad it's over! That show is pure entertainment and I get emotional when the performances are really good. Of course, I am emotional all of the time, but especially, during really great songs.
Luckily the day passed without too much emotion, except I started reading a book Husband recently purchased, "Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road" by Neil Peart. It is the story of how he lost both his daughter and his wife within a year which led him to take a long motorcycle trip in an attempt to deal with all the pain. Husband is further into the book than I am, but in just the first three pages I was bawling. For me, reading about grief written from a man's perspective is even more heart breaking because they (typically) rarely discuss emotions. While the book is not related to infertility, it is all about loss and I'm so glad Husband found something that includes his biggest passion, motorcycles, with an emotional element. A sort of self-help book in the sense that it is a man discussing his pain, giving Husband someone to relate to.

Days like this make me feel as though everything really will be okay. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be back to being angry and bitter. Maybe I'm bipolar.

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