Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here We Go...Again

Today is day five of my cycle and I will begin my fourth (consecutive) round of Clomid tonight. This will be the fifth month I take it, the first being back in June when we conceived. Next Tuesday I have the folicle scan to determine which side will ovulate, then hopefully, the IUI.

Last night was our weekly evening with our godson. We get to hang out with him while his mom goes to a work function. We haven't seen him since the beginning of December and wow, he has changed! He turns one at the end of the month and he now has twelve teeth, is standing very well, he is clearly ready to walk soon, and chatters away. He was once a big baby, but as he gets older he gets taller and more proportionate. He's adorable and really smart. It is so much fun to see his personality come out and notice the behaviors that are similar to his parents.

I recently had lunch with our other close friend and her baby boy. He too has changed in the month since we've seen them last-he has four teeth, is really smiley and observant. There was a couple with a baby sitting at the other end of the restaurant and he noticed the baby and talked to him, from his high chair. His new thing apparently is to twist around constantly. If you are holding him and he is standing up in your lap, he twists and turns until you help him turn around. He wants to see this way, then the other was fun. He's a very intelligent baby and enjoyable to be around.

The way they both smile makes me melt. Husband and I do just about anything ridiculous to get them to smile because it feels so good.

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